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Cut! A Guide to Making a Splash in 2024's Video Marketing Scene

A team of people and a robot are making a video for TikTok and Youtube in a coworking that has a bar



Welcome to the zany world of digital video marketing in 2024! It's like the Wild West out here, but instead of horses and cowboys, we've got TikTok, YouTube, reels, and influencers. Whether you're a small business owner with big dreams or a marketer with even bigger ideas, let's dive into the video vortex and discover how to make your brand pop, sizzle, and maybe even go viral. Buckle up — it's going to be a fun ride!

Bite-Sized is the New Big

Remember when videos were as long as a mini-series? Not anymore! With attention spans now rivalling that of a goldfish (thanks, Internet!), short-form video content is king. Platforms like TikTok are where the party's at, with users glued for an average of 52 minutes a day. In addition to being the most popular format, short-form video has the highest return on investment (ROI), according to HubSpot (44% of marketers use it). For SMBs, this means crafting those 30-second masterpieces that pack a punch. It's like making a mini-movie every day, minus the drama of Hollywood. Or with it, if it fits your strategy. 

UGC: Unleashing Genuine Coolness

Gone are the days when slick, studio-quality videos ruled the roost. Now, it's all about User-Generated Content (UGC). Real people, real settings, real... cats doing funny things? A report by TINT shows that authenticity wins, with UGC videos getting more love than polished brand videos. For SMBs, this is your ticket to connect with customers without breaking the bank. Think of it as your customers doing the marketing for you — crafty, right?

Immersive Videos: More Than Just Eye Candy

Interactive videos are like regular videos with superpowers. They turn passive viewers into active participants. Live streaming, 360-degree experiences, and AR/VR are making videos more engaging than a mystery novel. Imagine showcasing your products in a way that's so real, your customers will want to reach out and touch the screen. SMBs, this is your chance to bring your products to life, no wizardry is needed!

Tailor-Made for Every Platform

One video to rule them all? Not anymore. In 2024, it's about knowing your battlefield. A heartwarming story might rock YouTube but sink on TikTok. The secret sauce? Tailoring your content to fit each platform. It's like cooking — you wouldn't use the same spices for every dish, right?

Video Democracy: Lights, Smartphone, Action!

Thanks to technology, everyone can be a filmmaker now. No need for a Spielberg budget—a smartphone and a bit of creativity will do. This democratization means SMBs can jump into video marketing headfirst without needing a pool of money.

Data: Your Video Marketing Crystal Ball

Data analytics in video marketing is like having a crystal ball. It tells you what works, what flops, and what makes your audience tick. Use these insights to create videos that hit the mark every time. It's like having a cheat code for video marketing.

Video Integration: It's a Mash-Up

Videos are not lone wolves anymore. They're playing nice with emails, social media, and websites. Including a video in your email can turn a regular message into an Oscar-worthy performance (in terms of click-through rates, at least). It's about making your brand omnipresent in a non-creepy way.


So there you have it, folks — the rollercoaster ride of video marketing in 2024. For SMBs, it's a world of opportunity dressed in pixels and play buttons. Embrace the short, the real, the interactive, and watch your brand story unfold in ways more exciting than a blockbuster movie. Now, over to you – how will you make these trends your own? Share your epic video plans or your cat's latest antics. Let's make marketing fun again!


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